To celebrate the Big Game, PrairieFire is offering 50% OFF all experiences and courses from Sunday, February 4th through Sunday, February 11th. Guests have the opportunity to participate in as many experiences as desired for only $250 (normally $500) over a 4-hour block. Come experience the thrill of Gunslinger Canyon or test your skills shooting sporting clays on our unique course. So many options to choose from, what will you choose?

PrairieFire Members please contact the Concierge Team at 702-837-7433 or [email protected] to receive your exclusive discount pricing.


We provide guests with the most unique Special Operations-inspired experiences in the shooting and outdoor worlds. PrairieFire is for guests who want to challenge themselves on our adventurous terrain and have fun. Guests will connect with their passion through exclusive, authentic experiences they won't get anywhere else.

Gunslinger Canyon

Unlike anything else in the country, this exclusive experience captures the nostalgic feel of the wild west and the adrenaline rush of legendary gunslingers. Run & gun your way through a real-life desert canyon, making split second decisions at every twist and turn, and testing your instincts and accuracy as the action echoes through the valley.

Long Range Royalty

Long range targets are a challenge. Even on flat ground with a clear day you can't see most things at long range, much less a target about the size of a coaster. What about wind? Elevation? Humidity? Air pressure? This experience is curated by our expert instructors, led by an elite Long Shot World Champion.

Sporting Clays Circuit

Test your reflexes on the most exciting and challenging one-of-a-kind clays experience. Designed by trap legend Corey Howell, this 18-station circuit is seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape, so every part of this experience is designed to surprise and delight.


The perfect introduction to shotgun sprots, this condensed and gamified clays experience can hold up to 5 shooters at a time, with two 5-stand positions, each with a generous 15 trap array. Shooters get 5 different targets each presented from a variety of placements perfectly integrated into the breathtaking natural landscape.


Experiences are available for only $250 (that's a 50% discount) each day beginning Sunday, Feb. 4th through Sunday, Feb. 11th. Reservations are in 4-hour blocks, and you can choose as many activities as you would like to participate in during this block of time.  After reserving your preferred day(s), our concierge staff will contact you to secure the desired activities you'd like to participate in for the day. Options include Gunslinger Canyon, Long Range Royalty, Sporting Clay Circuit and 5-Stand Shotgun.


The PrairieFire Method (PFM) blends the best of special operations and Olympic training programs. We believe the less time in the classroom and better student-to-instructor rations equates to faster progression of skills, saving you time and money.

Contact our Concierge Team today at 702-837-7433 or [email protected] for a list of available courses and to receive 50% OFF from Sunday, February 4th to Sunday, February 11th.

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PrairieFire Members please all concierge at 702-837-7433 for your exclusive discount pricing.


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